Keep Your Plants Alive in the Heat


The heat of summer can be very harsh on garden plants. Heat damage is a distinct possibility. It takes close care to see your garden through the dog days.

Get the right watering gear

According to Bennett’s Greenhouse of Lafayette, IN, keeping your garden’s soil deeply and uniformly moist is the number one trick to helping your plants survive the searing heat of summer. The idea should be to water enough to get moisture a foot down so that the roots have a reservoir of water to draw on through the day. Usually, watering for about ten seconds at the base of each plant is all it takes. It’s a good idea to water early in the morning or late in the evening to get around local watering restrictions. Doing this can also ensure that the soil absorbs the water that you supply it with before it evaporates.

Gardening outlets sell a number of devices such as treegators and watering sacs that help keep soil moist through drip irrigation. Mulch can be even better. Not only does it help discourage the growth of weeds that can compete with the good plants for water, it can help the soil retain moisture, as well.

Know what to water, and what not to

It can be far easier keeping your garden alive when you stop watering the plants that aren’t going to thrive in the heat. Turf grasses, for instance, aren’t meant for temperature extremes. You can water your lawn sparingly, and let it dry up a bit. It’ll recover as soon as the rains arrive. Vegetable gardens don’t do well in the heat, either. Peppers and tomatoes, for instance, don’t actually bear fruit until fall. You might as well take those plants out. When you water, new plants, expensive plants, trees and shrubs with deep roots should be your first priority.

Find ways to get more shade

Gardening supplies stores and home improvement stores said shade sails and shade cloths that help with particularly harsh summers, by providing your plants with shade. Shading devices can also protect plants from drying breezes. It can take some investment to put up a frame capable of supporting them, but they can last a long time.

Greenhouses need special attention

Greenhouses are meant to keep plants warm in cold weather. When the weather turns warm, these enclosures tend to turn even warmer. If you have a greenhouse, the plants inside need extra help staying cool. You need to shop at a gardening store for shade cloth and ventilation to add to your greenhouse.

If you plan to head off for your summer vacation, it’s important that you find someone to water your garden while you’re away. If this isn’t possible, however, a drip irrigation system is always an option. You can even fashion one cheaply out of hoses to keep things going.

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Tools? This May Help


Tips for Buying a Plasma Cutter

Are you thinking of buying a plasma cutter? It can be difficult to purchase a type of equipment you’re not familiar with, especially that there are several models and manufacturers to consider.

To start with, answer the following questions before you go out shopping:

> How hours of daily use will the equipment get? In other words, what duty cycle do you need it to have?

> What type of electrical service is available where you plan to use it? Will it be 30 amp 110 volt single phase or 50 amp 220 volt single phase perhaps? What other equipment will be using the same circuit at the same time?

> How portable do you need the equipment to be? Will you take it outside or will you use it strictly in your shop? Do you have way of supplying compressed air to the machine when you take it to a remote location? Will you be using an air bottle or portable compressor? How can you provide electric current onsite?

> What kind of material would you like to cut and how thick might it be?

> Manual cutting or with a CNC cutting machine? Generally, the greater the plasma cutter’s amperage output , the greater the duty cycle will be at lower amperages. Plenty of people think that a machine with greater capacity is always better, but not necessarily. Fabricators usually consider oxy-fuel as superior to plasma for cutting steel that have a thickness of .5 inch or more; this is because of the 4 to 6-degree bevel in the cut face made by the plasma. You won’t notice it in thinner materials, but as the thickness increases, it becomes more obvious. As well, at above .5-inch thickness, plasma has no advantage over oxy-fuel in terms of speed.

If you’ll be using acetylene for the work, there will be nearly no point in purchasing a plasma cutter. If your intention is to cut aluminum, stainless or any other non-ferrous metal, which oxy-fuel cannot cut, get a 50 to 80 amp 220 volt plasma cutter. If you’re going to use your plasma cutter outside the shop from time to time, consider getting one of those new breed semi-portable types. These are little powerhouses weighing below 100 lbs., but they have the ability to cut .75″ to 1″ in a snap. You’ll be needing a compressor or bottle of air, plus a portable generator.

If you automating your plasma cutting is a possibility, then get a unit that which doesn’t use a high-frequency starting circuit. A high-frequency start is like your vehicle’s spark plug. Instead of using a relatively lower voltage pilot arc to start the plasma process, it relies on a high voltage spark, which causes electrical interference like destroying files, locking up the computer, and so on.

Source: Plasma Cutter

Professionals Tips for The Average Joe


What are the Basics of Drain Cleaning and Plumbing?

The basic laws of nature- gravity and pressure- are actually followed by plumbing. Knowing this will let you answer your own questions about plumbing. And, well of course, you will be capable of fixing your home’s plumbing system. You will be able to save many things, this include your time, the trouble, and your money.

Almost all plumbing systems in every home have two separate subsystems. The first subsystem brings in clean water, and the other brings out waste water. Being pushed by pressure; the water will now come to your home. Pressure is truly needed by water for it to travel upstairs or even in the corners. As water comes into your home, it goes to a meter that registers the total amount you use.

To go further, plumbing has pipes and fixtures such as faucets to have the distribution system and water borne waste system done. Facilities such as water mains and sewers are not considered as water to be plumbing; rather only those parts of the systems are considered plumbing.

Also, plumbing has common elements. Plumbing is always associated with network of pipes. These piper can always be made of many different properties, be it brass, copper, stainless steel, or the commonly used plastic. Flow of water is controlled by a valve wherein there is a travel of water into the corners through joins known as the elbows. The end use of plumbing system no comes at the fixture such as faucets and toilets.

It is literally said that plumbing works with pressure. Plumbing is called plumbing since pressure is pushing the water within the pipes. Even though the water main is located in the ground floor of a building, the water can still go upstairs to the second or third building because of pressure. In the far old days, pressure is made because of gravity. Today, power pumps are capable of creating such.

Going back to the main topic, toilets, sinks, and tubs are all fixtures. Further, an outside faucet is a fixture and so is a washing machine. Equipment or devices that bring clean water in and brings waste water out are called fixtures, also, these are all designed to separate or segregate the clean water from waste water.

Some fixtures have its own shutoff, and this is the reason why it is not necessary to close the main shutoff whenever there is a need to repair. Also, it is ideal that everyone in the family know where is the main shutoff valve and they know how to operate it.

You should always remember as well that it is needed to turn off the water supply at the fixture or at the main shut off whenever you needed a repair. Adding more, you also may need to seek help from experts before starting to repair your home’s plumbing system. And one thing is assured, you can save more money when you do your own repairs.

Source: http://www.livingthethriftylife.com/2016/05/make-your-home-more-pleasant-place.html

Short Course on Tools – What You Should Know


Aspects to Consider When Shopping for a Plasma Cutter When shopping for a plasma cutter, it is advisable that you do not consider brand alone. You need a device that comes with the necessary features. Such types of devices are costly, meaning that you should choose wisely. What aspects should you bear in mind when shopping for such a device? Your needs should dictate the type of unit to choose. If you expect to handle a huge workload, ensure that your choice unit would be able to handle the same comfortably. Any unit that would be operating throughout the day should have a suitable duty cycle. You need to know whether the duty cycle would remain constant even during the unit’s maximum output. In case you would be working on thick materials, your choice unit has to be able to handle them comfortably. Take note of the amount of power you would need to operate your unit. The specific type of metals being cut usually determine the amount of power such a unit would use However, this does not mean that you should assume that energy efficiency is not important. It is critical that you consider your power source, too. If you usually use a generator at your shop, make sure that your choice unit can be powered by a generator. It is important to consider portability before making a decision.
How I Achieved Maximum Success with Tools
Reliability is a factor that you should not overlook. You need a cutter that would perform optimally for an acceptable number of hours. It pays to choose only among tested and proved units. It pays to focus on machines that use software compared to hardware. It is important to factor in ease of use, as well. Easy to use units guarantee better results. They would also mean less wastage of time.
News For This Month: Products
Cut quality is another important thing to consider. A unit could be effective and energy efficient. However, you need to know that cut quality is as important as energy efficiency and effectiveness. Cut quality is critical because it would impact the quality of your work. Excellent cuts mean that no materials would be wasted at the end of the day. Consider pricing before making a decision. You ought to choose a unit in respect to your budget. However, you should not choose the cheapest unit there is simply because you are on a tight budget. Since there are many brands of cutters out there, it is advisable that you compare prices against features before placing an order. Take note of operating cost, as well. Ask for concrete answers regarding plasma consumable life. Choosing a unit with an acceptable consumable life would mean less expenses in buying new consumables.

Fast-Growing, Ontario-Based Furnace Rental Expands West Through Alberta



HAMILTON, Ontario — Furnace Rental has expanded its service area to include major cities in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, the company reported at furnacerental.com. Having grown to become one of Ontario’s leading providers of furnace, air conditioning, water heater, and other rentals, Furnace Rental now offers its industry-leading services throughout Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta; in Winnipeg in Manitoba; and in Regina and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan.

As before, Furnace Rental clients throughout the expanded service area receive top-quality equipment with no up-front costs, credit checks, or ongoing obligations, making the company’s offerings the most affordable, accessible ways to equip a home with all the heating, cooling, and other amenities that might be needed. More information can be found at the Furnace Rental website at furnacerental.com, where visitors can also sign up for a free, two-minute quote and learn about the company’s current special offers.

“We’re happy to announce that our long-awaited expansion is well underway, and we are now serving clients as far west as Calgary,” Furnace Rental part-owner Simon Alexander said, “Having built up our service area to cover most populated parts of Ontario, this was a natural next step for us, and we’d like to thank the thousands of clients who have made it possible. We think families throughout the major cities of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are going to really appreciate what we have to offer, and we promise to keep up the quality of service that has earned us so many loyal, satisfied customers.”

Between installation costs and the price of the device itself, having a furnace replaced in a Canadian home today will invariably cost many thousands of dollars. While that kind of upfront investment can make sense for some, many families find it difficult to accumulate the necessary capital, with the possibility of being on the hook for future repair bills posing another unpleasant prospect. That leads many to struggle with older furnaces that drive up heating bills with their inefficiency, even while they drain household budgets further by breaking down regularly.

Furnace Rental provides an attractive way out of this common dilemma and others of a similar kind, in addition to having much to offer to those in a range of markedly different situations. With no credit checks or upfront costs to clients, the company installs top-quality furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and softeners, and other equipment at easily affordable terms. As greatly improved efficiency and reliability further lighten the load for clients, Furnace Rental also provides expert 24/7/365 service at no additional charge, with many customers even receiving company-submitted government rebates in the bargain.

This appealing combination of terms and options has made Furnace Rental a valuable asset for thousands of customers throughout Ontario. In extending the company’s services to the most populated parts of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, Furnace Rental opens up an important option to even more Canadian families. Those interested can learn more at furnacerental.com.

About Furnace Rental:
Canadian-owned and operated, Furnace Rental provides the best in full-service furnace, air conditioning, water heater, and other rentals to clients in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, with no upfront charges and free, fast repairs and maintenance.

Source: http://business.ridgwayrecord.com/ridgwayrecord/news/read/32045806/Fast

The Ultimate Guide to Sewers


Locate Sewer Problems With Sewer Video Inspection

Before every time we smell something odd or our kitchen sink is not draining well because its clogged up, we call out a plumber and have the problems fixed. After they have done flushing the toilet and sink, plumbing snake down your drain turn out that the clogging is not within your sewage system but down the line.

Sewer pipes are often clogged up due to a lot of waste that are not easily drained with water which will then become a breeding place for insects and creates foul odor that can affect people around. A leaking sewer does not only create bad odor in the area but also causes public nuisance. In order to monitor these kind of problems, sanitation department installed cameras that will help inspect sewer pipes.

Sewer pipes deteriorate and that is a fact, which is also why they need to be well maintained. Using camera and video inspection, people who maintains our sewage pipes will be able to check if there are any clogging and leaks that can cause several problems if not fixed immediately. Although the camera help in maintaining the sewer pipes, the camera also helps in the continues sewer piping operations.

Using the latest technology and imaging, the sewer video inspection technology now used closed circuit television cameras. If there are damages inside the pipes, they are easily noticed since the images that the CCTV is providing is clearer and better than that of the previous cameras installed this also help future damages inside the pipe. Minutes cracks can easily be detected as well as leakages in the sewer pipes with the use of these surveillance cameras.

There are part of the sewer pipes that are unreachable, thus with the help of the surveillance camera it can easily be monitored no matter how far is the pipe. If there are dirt and debris that is clogging up the sewer pipe, it can easily be removed using of course the right approach of cleaning. As more and more people are installing surveillance camera for their pipeline, they are able to prevent future problems and even check if there are any clogging in their sewer system. With the help of the sewer video inspection, people can now check and monitor their own sewer system if there are any leaks and crack and report it immediately to a plumbing company to avoid any further problems.

You will be able to save a lot of money from having huge sewer problem. This automatically eliminates or minimizes the nasty surprise due to unexpected breakdown of your sewer system.

Immediate problems such as:

Cracked sewer lateral, Debris blockage, Bellied drain line, Separated lateral joint, Root intrusion, Deteriorated piping materials and Leaking pipe joints

Source: http://lakecountyonline.com/how-you-can-easily-increase-your-curb-appeal/

3 Professionals Tips from Someone With Experience


How to Find a Skillful and Experienced Carpenter When you plan for structural or finishing work in your house, you should find a reliable carpenter who can properly manage all sides of the job. If you’d to have a deck constructed or repaired, make it a point to look for experienced specialists in structural carpentry. Also, ask for references to talk to their past clients on whether or not their work has met quality expectations.
The 10 Best Resources For Experts
How to Spot a Skilled Carpenter
A Beginners Guide To Services
When searching for carpenters, you must have an accurate picture of the characteristics of a real expert. Worthy carpenters will have notable reviews from previous customers, possess all necessary equipment and tools for the completion of a project they bid for, and will have all licenses and insurances the city and state require. Red Flags to Watch Out For If they hesitate to let you dictate the style details of the project when appropriate, or fail to present a contract or schedule for the job, that may be a sign that the carpenter is undependable or is not devoted to quality and the satisfaction of their clients. Cost of Hiring a Carpenter Examples of such factors are the kind and extent of the job, the skills and specialty necessary, and the nature and quality of materials. Even with jobs being quoted as one project, labor prices are normally based on the time an expert projects the project to take.

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